Just in.. it been reported that

Small webcasters rocked by licensing issues Posted on July 18, 2017 by Brad Hill @ http://rainnews.com Last week we began receiving notes from webcasting clients of two large hosting companies, Radionomy and StreamLicensing, noting that recent changes and communications had troubled their webcast stations. The two situations are ... Read More »

15th Feb 2018
Server backup

Today Aug 26 2017 We are Doing a Full Server Backup This will take while 
If there is any question Feel free to contact Support staff

26th Aug 2017
This week update

This is to let everyone know This coming week we will be doing an equipment  Change Downtime will be short and shouldn't last more than 20 mins

9th Dec 2016
server maintenance and migration

To all Skyline-hosting clients,As of 8.12.16 to 8.14.16 We will be doing server maintenance and migrationDowntime will be minimum all account has been transferred  and is online We just have to Verify all account has been moved and all files are located on the server Please i cant not express enough for you back up your site so Please do this ... Read More »

12th Aug 2016

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