On February 28th  , At 11.45 pm est ,

 Reported That Website was not able to load. Or loaded Slowly ,  Due to that being report My self and my Team Went to work. After Few Hours of Working the problem, We Came to see That php-fpm was at Fault And crashed The website, After Finding a workaround to bring all site back up and running, Two sites were Still down. One of then being The Billing system. We Contacted Cpanel And The Fix the error form the php-fmp  Took them while, But they fix That error. After the error was Fix Other came to bear it ugly Head   Unable to read htacces File on Billing server. Found a Fix and was unable to reconnect the billing system after 2 day and 19 hrs and Lot more work and works around I contacted cpanel again and it to other 16 hrs and 45 min to Fix the billing system . after doing a restore of the main backup. This is where we are now All site are back up and running so far .


i cant express enough how important it is to have backups So If you don't have a backup plan on your account if I was you I would get one 

We are currently experiencing longer than normal response times due to an above average queue volume caused by the recent v78 release. We have a known issues forums thread for common issues being seen in version 78 that may have workarounds you can apply here: https://go.cpanel.net/v78knownissues We appreciate your patience as we work all tickets in the order in which they are received.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

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